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*EASY to follow, EASY on your joints & EASY on your EGO
yet EFFECTIVE, ENJOYABLE, and the perfect amount of CHALLENGING!

Are you already super-fit? Move along. This is...
Enjoyable Exercise for EVERY BODY! 

X4health will TRANSFORM your LIFE!

Exercise doesn't have to be boring or painful to be effective, prevent disease, and provide thousands of health benefits!


Staying fit and active is the only real "fountain of youth!" Exercise is an immunity booster that also helps you lose weight, feel great, prevents disease, increases your energy, and boosts your metabolism AND your CONFIDENCE!!   


Wouldn't you LOVE an easy-to follow solution that



All it takes is consistency and commitment.

We'll take care of the rest! 

(and it won't even HURT!) 

We've spent decades developing a comprehensive training program ...

  • with a focus on getting healthy from the inside-out;

  • with body-friendly exercises that are easy on the joints;

  • that's easy to follow yet delivers amazing results;

  • where you get to be yourself and everyone loves you just the way you ARE; 

  • that makes exercise as ENJOYABLE as it is EFFECTIVE; and

  • helps you feel EMPOWERED instead of frustrated and defeated. 

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Turn back the clock, take control of your health, and

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Have you felt confused about the best type of exercise you need to achieve your best health? You need them ALL! 

NOW you can get ALL of them in ONE place! Our specialty workouts are strategically organized to provide the perfect weekly schedule for optimal health. All you have to do is SHOW UP and your certified trainer will be with you every step of the way! 

With X4health, you'll get HEALTHY from the inside-out with strategically & scientifically crafted exercise sessions designed for the REST OF US to bring out the BEST IN US!

With X4health you'll ENJOY...

  • Increased ENERGY;

  • A More Toned and Healthy BODY;

  • Stronger Immune System; 

  • More Confidence;

  • Looking and Feeling 20 Years Younger!

  • Making New Friends who Accept YOU for YOU;

  • ALL the GAINS with NONE of the PAIN!

Personalized Training without the Personal Training Price!

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The Exclusive X4health Exercise Sessions

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"Jab n' Jam" CARDIO

Super fun yet easy-to-follow cardio that mixes low-impact movements with some basic cardio kickboxing moves to keep things interesting! Burn a ton of calories and get your HEART, BLOOD, and IMMUNE SYSTEM HEALTHY - and have FUN jammin' to the beat!  

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Imagine an interval style workout where there was no pressure, no yelling, no burpees, and no exercises that made you feel frustrated. That's Bench Blast! A super fun, exercise-at-your-own-intensity workout using BENCHES & bodyweight to get a total-fitness, body-friendly workout that's as fun as it is effective! 

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An absolute favorite! You'll first learn proper form and technique when you come to our FREE monthly "learn to lift" WEIGHT-WORKout and then progress into fun, challenging, easy-to-follow, joint-safe, body-balanced workouts that will not only transform your body composition, but get you stronger from head-to-toe! 

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"FittleSticks!" LEG DAY! 

Leg day used to be DREAD DAY. And then along came FittleSticks! THE BEST and most FUN leg workout EVER!! You gotta try it to believe it. Increase your range of motion, improve your balance, and get the muscular definition and strong glutes you've been trying for all these years! YAY FittleSticks! WootWoot!!


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Personalized Training without the Personal Training Price!

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  • Sweat with Benefits

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    Online Workouts + Personal Success Courses
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  • Live Your Power!

    Every month
    Lifestyle Change Program for Weight Loss and Healthy Living!
    • All of the Benefits from the "Sweat with Benefits" Plan
    • Change those old UGLY habits into BEAUTIFUL new habits ❤
    • Strategies for dealing with STRESS!
    • Nutritional tips and tricks for weight control and HEALTH!
    • Motivational pep talks and videos every week!
    • Access to our exclusive Lifestyle Tracker online app
    • Webinars and open "Office Hours" with your Coaches!
    • The tools and the support you've been searching for!!
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    • Fresh Air Fitness to Keep You Healthy and Learn FCOVID-free!
    • Body-Friendly, Ego-Friendly, People-Friendly Exercise ❤️
    • Learn Form and Technique to Protect Your Knees and Back
    • Cancel anytime - no questions - no fees
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X4health: Exercise for HEALTH = 


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