Do you hate working out but you know you need to?
Are you LOW on ENERGY?
Is your HEALTH at RISK?
Are you gaining too much WEIGHT?
Do you want to TURN BACK THE CLOCK?
Wanna find a way to workout that you ENJOY?

X4 Health flipped the script on fitness so that it is as ENJOYABLE as it is EFFECTIVE. 

You'll come for the workout.
You'll keep coming back for the fun and friendships! 

You'll get your health, your confidence, and your energy back in no time when you join X4 Health and start our full-body health-fitness small-group personalized science-based workouts that are easy to follow, yet the perfect amount of challenging so that you can finally get the RESULTS you've been looking for.

We all only get one go.
Live your best life by 
staying active, fit, healthy and energetic!
Being physically active helps you:
⭐️ feel happier and less depressed;
 ⭐️ get better sleep;
⭐️ lower your blood sugar and blood pressure;
⭐️ raise your good cholesterol and lower your bad cholesterol; 
⭐️ avoid or even reverse chronic disease; 
⭐️ reduce body aches and pains; 
⭐️ increase your confidence and strength; 
⭐️⭐️⭐️ SOOOO MANY THINGS ⭐️⭐️⭐️
The list goes on forever and is way too long to list everything!

Exercise truly is the closest thing we have to the fountain of youth. 

 The sooner you get started the sooner you'll get your energy and your life back!

Join NOW to take advantage of these AMAZING SPECIALS!

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    • Exclusive "X4 FOUNDING MEMBER" t-shirt
    • X4 Stickers and Buttons Package
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Get Healthy & Boost Your Confidence
with Enjoyable, Effective Exercise
❤️ You'll LOVE ❤️

Finally! Fun body-friendly small-group personalized fitness training with fun friendly people so that you can workout with your friends and family and EVERYONE can get THEIR PERFECT workout in the same place at the same time!

Science-Based. Results-Driven.

Are you already super-fit? Move along. This is...
Enjoyable Exercise for EVERY BODY! 

X4 Health takes the confusion and misery OUT of exercise and provides TOTAL fitness conditioning with a variety of carefully crafted workouts for OPTIMAL HEALTH so that you know you're getting the right workout every day so that YOU can achieve maximal results and improved health and well-being.

You Can Stop PUNISHING Yourself.

We all wish that there was an easy way to lose weight and stay healthy without having to "punish" ourselves at the gym. 

The problem is that most of us DREAD working out because we've had such awful experiences in the past and we'd rather risk premature death and disease than put ourselves through that torture again. 

basic weight trainer.png


At X4-health we got fed-up with the gyms and trainers that make working out MISERABLE! That's why we developed a TOTAL HEALTH exercise program that's as EFFECTIVE as it is ENJOYABLE! 

X4-Health workouts are designed by an Exercise Physiologist and University Professor with over 30 years of experience in health, fitness and weight loss, and have been tried and tested at Fresno State University with hundreds of workout lovers and haters from 18-year-olds to 80-year-olds. Each specialty workout has received RAVE REVIEWS along with incredible RESULTS across all ages, shapes, and sizes!


X4-Health exercise sessions are designed to give you the most effective workout possible in the least amount of time, with exercises that feel comfortable yet yield INCREDIBLE results. Yup. We've done our research!


We infuse every workout with maximum calorie burn and then strategically schedule your week to include the perfect mix of muscular conditioning, core strength, functional fitness, and cardio so that you get everything you need for your total health in ONE PLACE!  

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Take CONTROL of Your

To reclaim your health, lose weight, and turn back the clock, simply join us for a super-fun body-friendly health-enhancing 45-minute workout that's easy to follow, easy on your joints, and easy on your EGO! 

Drop by in person at Dry Creek Park at 9am Monday - Saturday, or join us right here with your X4 VIP membership for FREE!

When you get started on our exclusive EXERCISE 4 HEALTH program you'll be amazed not only by your RESULTS, but by how much you look forward to every single workout!

Clean up Your GUNKY BLOOD!

Don't put off your health for another day. Every day that you don't exercise your blood is getting GUNKIER, your scale is getting less friendly, and your risk of diabetes and heart disease is sneaking up on you. 

Take control of your health and your weight and you'll feel younger, lighter on your feet (and your scale), stronger inside and out, and more confident than EVER before. 

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JOIN X4-health today: 

  • Get started with our online library of over 100 exercise sessions, or take our exclusive 30-day exercise challenge for FREE! 

  • Join us at Dry Creek Park in Clovis at 9am Monday - Saturday

  • Ready to lose some weight and work on lowering your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugars? Join our Lifestyle Change Course for only $4.99/mo and you'll discover simple, effective ways to lose weight and get your health under control! 

No Pain. ALL GAIN!!


X4-Health = Easy* Effective Exercise You'll LOVE! 

Fun Body-Friendly Exercise with Fun Friendly People!!

*easy-to-follow, easy on the joints, and easy on the EGO! 

JOIN X4-Health to TRANSFORM your LIFE!

Exercise doesn't have to be boring or painful to be effective, prevent disease, and provide thousands of health benefits!


Staying fit and active is the only real "fountain of youth!" Exercise is an immunity booster that also helps you lose weight, feel great, prevents disease, increases your energy, and boosts your metabolism AND your CONFIDENCE!!   


Wouldn't you LOVE an easy-to follow solution that



All it takes is consistency and commitment.

We'll take care of the rest! 

(and it won't even HURT!) 

We've spent decades developing a comprehensive training program ...

  • with a focus on getting healthy from the inside-out;

  • with body-friendly exercises that are easy on the joints;

  • that's easy to follow yet delivers amazing results;

  • where you get to be yourself and everyone loves you just the way you ARE; 

  • that makes exercise as ENJOYABLE as it is EFFECTIVE; and

  • helps you feel EMPOWERED instead of frustrated and defeated. 

Confetti Girl

Turn back the clock, take control of your health, and

Fitness Instructor


Have you felt confused about the best type of exercise you need to achieve your best health? You need them ALL! 

NOW you can get ALL of them in ONE place! Our specialty workouts are strategically organized to provide the perfect weekly schedule for optimal health. All you have to do is SHOW UP and your certified trainer will be with you every step of the way! 

With X4health, you'll get HEALTHY from the inside-out with strategically & scientifically crafted exercise sessions designed for the REST OF US to bring out the BEST IN US!

With X4health you'll ENJOY...

  • Increased ENERGY;

  • A More Toned and Healthy BODY;

  • Stronger Immune System; 

  • More Confidence;

  • Looking and Feeling 20 Years Younger!

  • Making New Friends who Accept YOU for YOU;

  • ALL the GAINS with NONE of the PAIN!

Personalized Training without the Personal Training Price!

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The Exclusive X4health Exercise Sessions

cardio fitness.png
"Jab n' Jam" CARDIO

Super fun yet easy-to-follow cardio that mixes low-impact movements with some basic cardio kickboxing moves to keep things interesting! Burn a ton of calories and get your HEART, BLOOD, and IMMUNE SYSTEM HEALTHY - and have FUN jammin' to the beat!  

buff dude.png

Imagine an interval style workout where there was no pressure, no yelling, no burpees, and no exercises that made you feel frustrated. That's Bench Blast! A super fun, exercise-at-your-own-intensity workout using BENCHES & bodyweight to get a total-fitness, body-friendly workout that's as fun as it is effective! 

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An absolute favorite! You'll first learn proper form and technique when you come to our FREE monthly "learn to lift" WEIGHT-WORKout and then progress into fun, challenging, easy-to-follow, joint-safe, body-balanced workouts that will not only transform your body composition, but get you stronger from head-to-toe! 

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"FittleSticks!" LEG DAY! 

Leg day used to be DREAD DAY. And then along came FittleSticks! THE BEST and most FUN leg workout EVER!! You gotta try it to believe it. Increase your range of motion, improve your balance, and get the muscular definition and strong glutes you've been trying for all these years! YAY FittleSticks! WootWoot!!


Sign Up Today and Get Ready for a Life-Changing Adventure!
Personalized Training without the Personal Training Price!

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What People are Saying...

"The X4 workouts ruined the gym for me. Now that I know how much fun exercise can be, I NEVER want to go back!"                           

RosaLinda, X4health member

"I used to hate working out - but the X4health classes make me feel like I'm on a RECREATION VACATION!"

Allyson, X4health member

Since I started X4health I've lost 20 pounds, I can walk up stairs without getting winded, and I've made a bunch of new friends!

James, X4health member

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X4health: Exercise for HEALTH = 


Get started today on your new exciting exercise experience!
We're transforming the WAY we train - so that you can LOVE your workouts, LOVE your life, and LOVE YOURSELF ❤️

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Fun Fitness with FUN PEOPLE!