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Feeling Unhealthy and Unhappy?
Get Your Mojo Back When you Unleash Your Inner Bad-Donkey! 
***No Burpees Required***

Welcome to Bad Donkey Fitness:
Discover a rebellion against the fitness norm at Bad Donkey Fitness, where we make exercise enjoyable to help you stick with it and get real results! To take control of your health, schedule a meeting with one of our expert trainers, and embark on an exciting wellness adventure for a vibrant, disease-free life! TEXT or CALL 559-250-0771


❤️ Bad Donkey Fitness is Where YOU BELONG ❤️

Transform Your Journey, Own Your Fitness!


Embark on a fitness adventure like no other at Bad Donkey Fitness – where we redefine the rules and empower you to own your health journey. We're not just a fitness studio; we're a community, a movement, and a mindset that challenges the status quo.


Our Story: Unleashing the Bad Donkey Spirit


Bad Donkey Fitness was born out of a rebellion against the ordinary. We questioned the intimidating and exclusive nature of traditional fitness and set out to create a space where everyone feels welcome, inspired, and capable of achieving their health and wellness goals.


The name "Bad Donkey" reflects our commitment to being bold, fearless, and a little bit sassy. We believe in the strength, resilience, and determination symbolized by a donkey – qualities that resonate with our approach to fitness. Our journey is not about conforming; it's about embracing the extraordinary and unleashing your inner "Bad Donkey."


Why Bad Donkey Fitness?


🚀 Break Free from the Norm: Say goodbye to mundane workouts and hello to an exhilarating fitness experience. We're here to challenge conventions, redefine limits, and make fitness enjoyable for everyone.


🤸 Inclusivity at Its Core: Regardless of your size, shape, age, or fitness level, you belong here. Our inclusive programs ensure that everyone can thrive and succeed in their unique health-fitness journey.


😄 Laugh in the Face of Intimidation: No more hardcore bootcamps or daunting exercises. At Bad Donkey, we infuse humor and joy into fitness, making the journey both effective and enjoyable.


🌟 Transform Your Mindset: It's not just about transforming your body; it's about transforming your mindset. Discover the power within you, gain confidence, and own your fitness journey with pride.


Join the Crew*: Your Adventure Awaits!


Ready to break free from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary? Join the Bad Donkey Fitness crew and become part of a community that celebrates individuality, resilience, and the joy of getting fit.


👉 Personalized Programs: Our experienced trainers tailor workouts to your unique fitness level, ensuring a program that suits you perfectly.


👉 Comprehensive Fitness: Cardio, strength, core, flexibility – we've got it all covered for maximum health benefits.


👉 Convenient Locations: Visit our Clovis center or host on-location sessions at your workplace, place of worship, or home – no special equipment needed.


Own Your Fitness Journey – Unleash Your Inner Bad Donkey!


Say goodbye to ordinary, and hello to extraordinary.

Transform your health, own your fitness, and join our Crew of Bad Donkeys!


Your adventure starts now!



When assembled as a crew, donkeys demonstrate their incredible ability to navigate challenging terrains, braving all kinds of hardships. They exhibit remarkable cooperation and camaraderie among themselves, highlighting their adaptability and intelligence. A CREW of donkeys showcases the power of unity and collaboration, making them capable of taking on tasks that would be challenging for individuals alone. Join our crew today - we've got you!

Choose Your Plan:


    Every month
    Regular Rate $159/month. Take advantage of this amazing offer while you can!
  • FREE Health-Fitness Consultation

    Book your FREE Health-Fitness Consultation today!
    Valid for 3 months

    Book Your Spot for Your FIRST Complimentary Workout!
    Valid for one month
  • Drop-In Class Pass

    Get your Pass and Come to Class! Can't wait to see you there!
    Valid for 3 months
  • The Great Eight!

    Every month
    Eight Workouts a Month - Great for people who average 2 classes per week!

    Every month
    Reg $159 - Enjoy a different type of workout every day: cardio, weights, circuits & more!
  • Personal Training 10 Session Pack

    🌟 Buy 10 and SAVE 🎉 10 Personal Training Sessions. Single Session = $65
    Valid for 3 months

This is YOUR time!
Lack of exercise is as bad for your health as smoking and contributes to heart disease, diabetes and some cancers, yet most people dread going to the gym. 
That's why at Bad Donkey Fitness we created a light-hearted friendly health-f
itness program for people of every shape, size, age, ability and mobility so that we can live LONGER, STRONGER, more FULFILLING lives. 

Bad Donkey = Lifestyle Change that's Fun, Friendly, Effective, and Affordable!

Special Offers Just for YOU!

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Ease Into It (Instagram Post)-2.png

Turn Back the Clock!
Exercise is the closest thing we have to the fountain of youth. The health benefits of being active are astounding and affects every aspect of your life. 

Do you feel lost, intimidated, confused or bored at the gym?

That's why we created Bad Donkey Fitness where all you have to do is show up and your trainer guides you through a different calorie-blasting muscle-building workout every day !
At Bad Donkey Fitness you'll enjoy a fun friendly family environment where peop
le of every shape, size, age and ability can live LONGER, STRONGER, HEALTHIER and HAPPIER lives. 


With Bad Donkey Fitness you'll ENJOY...

  • Increased ENERGY;

  • A More Toned and Healthy BODY;

  • Stronger Immune System; 

  • More Confidence;

  • Looking and Feeling 20 Years Younger!

  • Making New Friends who Accept YOU for YOU;

  • ALL the GAINS with NONE of the PAIN!

Personalized Training

               without the Personal Training Price!

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Just a Few of Our Exclusive Bad-Donkey Exercise Sessions

cardio fitness.png
"Jab n' Jam" CARDIO

Super fun yet easy-to-follow cardio that mixes low-impact movements with some basic cardio kickboxing moves to keep things interesting! Burn a ton of calories and get your HEART, BLOOD, and IMMUNE SYSTEM HEALTHY - and have FUN jammin' to the beat!  

buff dude.png

Imagine an interval style workout where there was no pressure, no yelling, no burpees, and no exercises that make you feel frustrated. That's BODY BLAST! A super fun, exercise-at-your-own-intensity workout using HIIT & bodyweight to get a total-fitness, body-friendly workout that's as fun as it is effective! 

Copy of X4 team (15).png

An absolute favorite! You'll first learn proper form and technique when you come to our FREE monthly "learn to lift" WEIGHT-WORKout and then progress into fun, challenging, easy-to-follow, joint-safe, body-balanced workouts that will not only transform your body composition, but get you stronger from head-to-toe! 

confident fitness gal.png
"FittleSticks!" STANDING GUTS & BUTTS 

Leg day used to be DREAD DAY. And then along came FittleSticks! THE BEST and most FUN leg workout EVER!! You gotta try it to believe it. Increase your range of motion, improve your balance, and get the muscular definition and strong glutes you've been trying for all these years! YAY FittleSticks! WootWoot!!

Yoga Class

YoGumba is an easy-to-follow cardio workout infused with standing yoga throughout to increase intensity, flexibility, and improve posture all while burning a ton of calories and improving all aspects of your health! It's an exclusive Bad Donkey Fitness workout that you won't find anywhere else!  

Aerobics Studio

Yay! STEP aerobics is back, baby! We're is bringing back the joy of step aerobics! Step is a super-fun workout that allows every participant to control the level of intensity by selecting their perfect step-up height from 0" to up to 8". Whether you're stepping for the first timer or a step-vet, you're gonna love it!

Aerobics Class

Love step workouts and wanna get your weight work done too? Bench Blast is an interval training workout that fuses cardio and muscular conditioning sets for an epic workout that HIITs every muscle group in your body. Torch those calories and get strong and toned at the same time!

Prenatal Yoga
"Ground Work" TUMS & BUMS! 

Ground Work fuses traditional abs and tush work with sprinkles of yoga and pilates for a great workout where you get on the ground and stay there! You're laying the ground-work for a strong core, increased flexibility, and a nice tight tushie. You've got this! Yet another exclusive workout from Bad Donkey Fitness!

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