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Kickoff party = SATURDAY JUNE 4 with Fuzzle-Ball and FREE Fitness Testing

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*for NEW classes choose your start date for JUNE 6 or after.

*NO RISK! You can cancel anytime before or during your 7 day trial, which doesn't start until your selected START DATE. PLUS get a FULL REFUND anytime if you have attended at least 5 sessions within the first month and you are not completely satisfied with your exercise experience!

  • Sweat with Benefits

    Every month
    Online Workouts + Personal Success Courses
    • Exclusive Workouts
    • Learn Form and Technique to Protect Your Knees and Back
    • Perfect Variety of Workout Formats for TOTAL HEALTH Benefits
    • Cario, Muscular Conditioning, and Fundamental Fitness
    • The only fitness conditioning program you'll ever need!
    • HUGE Variety of Workouts to Keep Things FUN and Interesting!
    • FREE Online PERSONAL SUCCESS Courses Every Month! Value $338
    • Transform your health and your fitness from the inside-out!
  • Live Your Power!

    Every month
    Lifestyle Change Program for Weight Loss and Healthy Living!
    • All of the Benefits from the "Sweat with Benefits" Plan
    • Change those old UGLY habits into BEAUTIFUL new habits ❤
    • Strategies for dealing with STRESS!
    • Nutritional tips and tricks for weight control and HEALTH!
    • Motivational pep talks and videos every week!
    • Access to our exclusive Lifestyle Tracker online app
    • Webinars and open "Office Hours" with your Coaches!
    • The tools and the support you've been searching for!!
  • Limited TIme!

    X4Health Hub Clovis

    Every month
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    • A Variety of Workouts for Total Health & Fitness
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    • Workouts that WORK for YOU even if you've NEVER worked out!
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    • Fresh Air Fitness to Keep You Healthy and Learn FCOVID-free!
    • Body-Friendly, Ego-Friendly, People-Friendly Exercise ❤️
    • Learn Form and Technique to Protect Your Knees and Back
    • Cancel anytime - no questions - no fees
  • Bakers Dz CLASS PACK

    💛 Summer Special! 💛 only $5 per class
    • 13 - Class Pack - Workout at Your Convenience!
  • Special Arrangement

    Select this option only AFTER speaking with your Trainer
    Free Plan

    5 Certifications+17 Entrepreneur Business Courses. VALUE $5k
    • Group Exercise Coach Certification Course
    • Cardio Specialty Training and Certification
    • Weight Training Specialty Training and Certification
    • Fundamental Fitness Specialty Training and Certification
    • Legs and Core Focused Specialty Training and Certification
    • 1-Year License to Use "X4health" in Your Business Name
    • SEVENTEEN Online Courses for Personal and Business Success
    • COURSE VALUE = OVER $5,000