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I Reversed My Osteoporosis and They Said it Couldn't be Done!

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

About 2 years ago my bone density scan showed that I had crossed over from osteopenia into osteoporosis. This year I had a follow-up scan and I actually REVERSED my osteoporosis!

Researchers say that you cannot reverse osteoporosis, so that explains why my doctor was so curious about what I was doing that made such a difference.

After researching the common treatment options, I decided I didn't want to do any of them due to various side effects. There are some crazy risks that no-one seems to tell you about so do your research and work with your doctor before you make your treatment decision.

Instead of the medical options like shots and pills, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Here's a bit of what I learned and how I went about strengthening my bones.

  1. I upped my calcium intake and started drinking more nonfat milk again. YUM! My vitamin D levels had been low, so I took a vitamin D supplement along with my glass of milk before bed because you can't absorb your D's without calcium. DON'T overdo your D's though - if you get too much vitamin C, D, E, or K it can increase your risk of kidney stones!

  2. I started exercising more (on cement) and I took up a bit of jogging! I thought my jogging days were over, but the jarring on your joints is actually beneficial for your bones. Weight-bearing exercise like walking, dancing, hiking, or jogging causes your bones to say "hey - my person is pounding on my bones! I better strengthen myself so that I'm ready for more impact next time!"

  3. I spent more time on weight lifting. Not crazy lifting to get bulky, but the heaviest dumbbells I could use with good form. I started with 5's and am now using 10 pound weights. When you challenge your bones and joints and muscles by adding resistance, your body responds by getting stronger!

  4. I quit drinking dark sodas and cut back on coffee. Did you know that dark sodas and coffee result in bone loss for FEMALES? Not so much for men, but for us ladies, we gotta watch out for the DARK DRINKS of DEATH. Light colored sodas? Not so much of a problem. Weird aye? Limit your coffee to one cup per day and you should be ok.

  5. I started eating more greens and fish and beans and nuts. Here's a nice easy-to-read article on foods to strengthen your bones. Eating healthy by increasing your plant-based nutritionally-dense foods is the best way to get the vitamins and minerals we need to build our bones and stay healthy from the inside-out!

That's really about it for me. Don't give up on the power of exercise and nutrition for improving your health. Your doctor and everyone around you might make you think you have to give into the negative effects of aging, but truth be told, most of the negative effects of aging are a direct result of our becoming LESS ACTIVE.

Test it out for yourself. Commit to a year of increased physical activity and see what happens to your health, your energy levels, your "numbers" like cholesterol, blood sugars, blood pressure, and yes - even your bone density!

If you'd like to workout without hurting yourself or feeling miserable, check out Exercise doesn't need to be painful to be beneficial.

It's time to stop blaming your health issues on "getting older" and get moving!

You've got this!! 🤗

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