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Can You Be Overweight AND Healthy?

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

You might be interested to know that research shows that you CAN be both overweight AND healthy!!

But watch out. You can also be thin and Unhealthy!!

The KEY to being HEALTHY comes down to our lifestyle habits.

EXERCISE and healthy eating habits are more important to your health and longevity than your WEIGHT.

So stop worrying about your scale, and GET MOVING! WootWoot!!

If you think you HATE EXERCISE, we're about to change your mind! X4 is transforming the WAY we TRAIN so that it's not only effective, but ENJOYABLE!

How is that possible?

  • we don't get up and down off of the floor (#noburpees)

  • we don't do complicated moves that make you feel uncoordinated

  • all of our workouts are led by an expert trainer and specifically designed for MAXIMUM RESULTS in minimum time! (we train SMARTER, not HARDER)

  • we use the XYZ method to keep you feeling good! (XYZ = eXercise in Your Zone)

  • we create an environment of fun and friendliness over misery and judgment

  • we help you to love exercise and LOVE the body you're in!

You can find our classes on our website

It's personalized training without the personal training price.

Come train with us!

Where the smart, fun, friendly people go to get healthy!

~ tami,

MS Exercise Science

(where I learned what it means to train smarter.)

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